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At Seven Hills Lawn Mowing we can provide many tonics and treatments for all sorts of plants from roses and camellias to native trees and shrubs to turf and lawns. Please call us on 1300 882 787 for friendly advice regarding your fertilizer needs.

Some information about Fertilizers

Without going into all of them here we will just talk about the issues faced with keeping turf healthy with these strange and often extreme climate swings we are currently experiencing.

Ok, what do you do when you are feeling weak and lethargic? You have not been keeping well for too long and at times you seem to have no energy at all in your body to go and work, you would rather remain in bed all day and night. Visit the doctor? Yes! And how does the doctor help you? He would prescribe certain medicines that you need to take and health vitamins that will help boost your energy levels. Have you managed to spare a thought to how do trees and grass grow? Your answer is fertilizers! If you were unaware of that here are a few facts for you.

Fertilizers provide the required nutrition to the grass roots in your lawn, putting the definition in a laymanís term. Frequent application of fertilizer ensures healthier growth of trees and grass. If you do not believe it, then try doing this yourself, plant the seeds and use a little fertilizer along while planting it, you will see the difference yourself, when you monitor the changes. There are few more facts that could help you gather information, read on the space below, & should you require some professional help in these matters please call us for a free consultation on 1300 882 787

Lawn Fertilizers usually contain three key ingredients to ensure the health of the Lawn these are, Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen, the afore mentioned are the three types of elements that must be present in the fertilizer that you use for the lawn.

To begin with; Potassium helps in increasing the resistance during the cold weather, resistance against diseases is enhanced and is capable of bearing any harsh calamities of weather. Phosphorus helps in strengthening the grass roots and further establishing strong roots, it is required essentially at the time of plantation to hasten the process and also at the time when an old lawn is being renewed.

Nitrogen is by far the most important aspect it helps growth of grass and this element with its characteristic qualities adds its green colour to the blades. The density of grass and thickness also help in fighting attacks from pests and insects.

The fertilizer that you buy must have these three elements primarily and while buying fertilizers that you intend using for your lawn ensure that you have considered the climatic conditions of the area you live in and also the soil that will be available for the lawn. If these two elements are already existing in the soil, you may not require an additional fertilizer, instead to avoid excess usage and supply of these elements the soil must be tested prior to any plantation, this test will help in determining the PH levels that need to be balanced and also the nutrients which might already be present in the soil you are about to use for the lawn. Ensure always that the fertilizer you use is best recommended in the market.

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